Why Is The Emotional Connection So Important?

Emotions are at the heart of everything we do and all the decisions we act on.

Sensaura technology makes it possible to interact with and learn from our emotions to make our life better.

  • Understand Your App Users

    Sensor data processed by our technology provides insight into users’ emotional state in real-time or through historical data.

  • Help Users Better Understand Themselves

    Behaviour modification becomes easy to manage with apps that encourage the emotional response that leads to a desired outcome. Make our life better!

  • Real-time Emotional Feedback Based on Physiological Data

    Real-time emotion tracking means users get the information when they need it the most – when action can be taken, either by themselves or by someone else monitoring their physical and emotional response. Life. As you feel it!

  • Facilitate New User Acquisition

    Add value to your existing application by using the physiological data already being collected! Offer a wider range of trackable, real-time user feedback to entice and delight users as they gain insights into the emotional component of their personality.

  • Achieve New Levels of User Engagement

    Emotions are at the soul of any experiences. Sensaura’s technology provides real-time and historical emotional data in order to use emotions as the trigger point of your products for you to create the optimal experience for your users.

  • Keep Them Coming Back For More

    Encourage users to make your app part of their daily lives, as present as their feelings and emotions. The more the app is used, the more value the data will have as patterns emerge and insights are gained. Actionable data that is used to make life better!

Explore the Possibilities!

Five Years Worth of Research

Five years of state-of-the-art emotion recognition technology is available for your application that tracks daily user habits and vital statistics.


Heart rate and skin conductivity is transmitted from the sensors inside a variety of wearable devices. Sensaura Technology processes that data and maps it to a grid and assigns the recognized emotion. You’re provided with output of the data.

Meet the Team That Brought Sensaura Technology To Life

  • Mojtaba Khomami Abadi


  • Jean-Philip Poulin


  • Jesus Cardenes

    founding team member,
    Software Architect

  • Robert Johnson

    VP Software Engineering

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“SensAura Tech is the name of a software that is designed to measure feelings. Similar to a lie detector, it measures heart rate and skin resistance to do his readings.

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“Sensaura, tech that links up to your wearables and uses skin conductivity and heart rate to track your emotional state, fuels the kind of uber personalization that can

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Center Ring Media

I got a chance to speak with some of the company representatives at CES 2015, and learn more about their program. They call it “real time emotion recognition” and their system is independent of the data source.

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